Animal Guide

Welcome to our Animal Guide! Here you will find a growing section of pet care tips as well as lost & found information.

In this Guide

Lost Animal

Lost & Found FAQ: What to do when you lose (or find!) a pet. This page also contains a list of tips and further resources. (Read More)

Orphaned Kitten

Orphaned Kittens: What to do when you find kitten(s) alone or motherless. This guide outlines first steps, how to determine kitten age, and how to care for neonatal kittens.  (Read More)

Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning: Be prepared! This guide covers essential items to have, and a number of resources in the area. (Read More)

Happy Cat

Cat Litterbox Trouble: Are you having trouble with a kitty that doesn't seem to want to use the litterbox? There are many causes for this common problem—and many easy ways to address it! (Read More)

A dog and cat eating together

Choosing YOUR Right Pet Food: Diet is an important part of your pet's health. Knowing how to read a pet food label and being able to provide your pet with the nutrition s/he needs will go a long way to a happy, healthy life. (Read More)