A very cute scene of a white pitbull, with a very pink tongue, giving a loving lick to a black kitten.

Get Involved!

Thank you for taking an interest in helping the Liberty Humane Society to fulfill our mission—to foster a community of compassion and respect, and provide animals in need with a chance at a lifelong, loving home.

We are always abuzz with activity: events, volunteer opportunities, adopting a pet and gift donations are just a few ideas on how you can Get Involved! It is your continued support that not only saves lives, but also supports the local community and puts an end to breed-stereotypes.

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You may also be interested in fostering an animal.

We welcome you to explore the many ways for you to jump in and make a splash.

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Help LHS by searching online!
The search engine, powered by Yahoo!, has been established to help raise donations for the charity of your choice every time you search for something online. Simply plug in the charity of your choice (we recommend LHS!), and search away! Spread the word!