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Welcome to Liberty Humane!

Celebrate Mother's Day with your LHS- UPDATE

Mother's Day 2015

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our Mother's Day Plant Drive! Our dog run is progressing nicely and we're excited to update you as to when we'll be ready to show off all of the wonderful, beautiful plants your generosity allows us to beautify our space with!

Our dogs are getting a great outdoor space to romp in, and we want to make it gorgeous, green, and fragrant. The greenery will not only look good, but will reduce noise, purify the air and create visual barriers so our dogs don't have to worry about a single thing except their play time with our staff and volunteers.

With your donation we'll plant maples, seedless honeylocust, flowering dogwoods, lemongrass, lavender, lirope, pennyroyal, or creeping phlox. We'll send your mom-of-choice a hand-written note card letting her (or him) know that your local animal shelter, Liberty Humane Society, is planting the lovely greenery in their honor.

We work effortlessly to provide the care our animals need. Please keep in mind, we will try our best to mail out the letters and thank you cards, but they may arrive after Mother’s Day due to timing.

For questions please contact:

Donate for Mother's Day

Your Liberty Humane Society's NEW Spay/Neuter Clinic!

Momma cat and Kittens

As you know Liberty Humane Society has a strict spay-neuter policy, meaning all animals are altered before adoption. We do this to ease the financial and logistic burden of spay/neuter from our adopters, and to reduce the number of unwanted pets born through accidental litters of puppies and kittens.

This means that we partner with low-cost spay/neuter clinics who specialize in providing the safe, fast spay and neuter procedures we need at a lower rate. Right now, there are NO low-cost spay/neuter clinics in Hudson County. Our partner clinic is approximately 80 miles away-- one way!


This places a tremendous amount of work on our staff and stress on the animals we care for. Each time we send animals out for surgery it requires a vehicle for transport, an entire day of staff time, and stress on the animals as they recover during the ride back.

Now, your Liberty Humane Society is excited to announce that we will open our own dedicated spay/neuter clinic on LHS grounds--the very first in Hudson County!

This clinic will be housed in a customized RV, fully equipped, on LHS grounds. Staffed by experienced and specialized veterinarians and veterinary technicians, we will now be able to spay/neuter our adorable, adoptable animals on site without having to put our animals-- or our staff and resources-- under any unnecessary stress.

New RV

We're proud of this major step forward, but we need your help to make our dream a reality.

Opening the custom facility requires a lot of equipment, tools, furniture, renovations, and appliances. Please help us fund this mission positive endeavor by donating to underwrite the cost of our surgical equipment or the cost of a spay/neuter procedure for a cat or a dog.

If you would like to make a gift greater than $500 in support of this huge undertaking, please e-mail:

Support Spay/Neuter

LHS Say/Neuter Clinic FAQ

Can I bring my dog/cat to your spay/neuter clinic?
Not yet. While we hope to provide this service in the future, at this point in time we only have the capacity to serve LHS dogs and cats.

I have feral cats in my neighborhood; can I bring them to your clinic to TNR?
Not yet. While we hope to provide this service in the future, at this point in time we only have the capacity to serve LHS dogs and cats.

Your unit is in an RV? Can you bring it to my neighborhood?
Soon! We did design the clinic to be mobile and we're working to expand our capacity so we can better serve our community. Our first foray into mobilizing the clinic unit will most likely be as a vaccination clinic, similar to our weekly Low-Cost Pet Wellness clinics.

I work with a local rescue--can WE use your clinic?
As we build capacity, we will slowly open spots to our partners in sheltering and rescue who transfer animals from LHS. We will be reaching out to our partners in the upcoming months as we see the program evolve.

This sounds expensive. Why not just keep doing what you've been doing?
It is expensive! That's why we need your help! The cost of getting the clinic ready including the RV, renovations, tools, equipment, and start-up supplies will be over $30,000! That's not including hiring our specialized vet and vet tech, both experts in spay/neuter with years of experience doing this exact thing.

But we feel that this is the right step to take now. We've made tremendous strides over the past three years and are growing as an organization. We've reduced the number of animals coming into our shelter, improved adoption rates, grown our volunteer and foster programs, and improved the quality of life for the animals in our care while they are at LHS.

We want to continue providing the best in care for our animals, and this first-in-Hudson-County resource will serve our animals, give our staff more time, and hopefully reduce the amount of time our animals spend in our shelter while they wait for adoption.

Yeah, but still... $30,000. Can't you use that for something else?
We feel that the best investment to make NOW is in medical care. This is not a one-use resource; as we grow our ability to run the clinic, we will be able to open it up to outside parties. Again, there is no other low-cost spay/neuter clinic in Hudson County and we believe animals in our care deserves access to these resources.

Thank you for your support as we take on this huge endeavor! We'll keep you updated on our progress!

Liberty Humane Society Maddie's Adoption Day's Event of 2014 Was a Massive Success!

Maddie's Day Adoptions Change Lives and Save Lives!

Liberty Humane Society’s biggest adoptions event of 2014 was a smashing success when 129 homeless animals found their forever homes in two days!

Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days is presented by Maddie’s Fund and The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and ran at more than 90 shelters and rescues throughout the New York metro area. The event promoted free pet adoption to qualified homes; for each animals adopted during the weekend-long event, Maddie’s Fund provides a grant to the participating shelter or rescue.

Thrilled to be chosen to participate in this event for the second year on a row, your Liberty Humane Society geared up for an exciting and busy weekend; volunteers and staff prepared the shelter for hundreds of visitors by bathing dogs and cats, painting signs, hosting a bake sale table with snacks and beverages, helping visitors through the adoption process, and handling the dogs in the yard throughout the day so that each animal was its best self—all the better to find an adoptive home.

All of the hard work paid off. During May 31 and June 1 when Liberty Humane Society, located at 235 Jersey City Boulevard, ran extended open hours to accommodate the adopting families, a record breaking 129 animals were adopted; 32 adult cats, 49 kittens, 43 dogs, 4 puppies, and yes, even a rat!

Adopters from as far away as Connecticut and Amherst, Massachusetts came down to meet and bring home adoptable dogs they had seen on-line through Liberty Humane Society’s Facebook page or

Liberty Humane Society would like to extend it's most sincere thanks to Maddie's Fund and The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals for inviting LHS to participate and for hosting this life-changing, life-saving event.

Upcoming Events

Pet Photo Shoots by Hartshorn Portraiture
1 April 2015 00:00 to 31 May 2015 00:00
Summary: Get professional pics of your dog while supporting LHS [more >>]

Wellness Clinic
Date: 27 May 2015 04:00 to 06:00
Summary: Low-Cost vaccinations, tests, microchipping & wellness services! [more >>]

(See our full calendar)

Spotlight Icon

LHS Spotlight

Featured Cat

Tip Pumpkin has been one of our LHS favorite cattery residents for almost a year now, and while we love her to pieces, it's time for Pumpkin to find her forever home.

This adult tortie female is nothing but a bundle of cuddles, contented purrs, and love, just waiting for you to find her! Spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and FIV negative, Pumpkin is all ready to go home.

Pumpkin asks that when you fill out your application for her, you please reference exactly how many times each day you will tell her she's the best cat ever, your petting schedule, and three references on your cat cuddle skills. Pumpkin is accepting applications Tues - Fri from 2-7 pm and Sat & Sun 11 am - 4 pm. Find Pumpkin's Petfinder Profile Here!

Posted: Jan 21, 2015


Featured Dog

Nils- In Foster
Brownie Meet Nils, a big boy with the drive to be your 75-lb lap dog (Ok, maybe body pillow)! But hey, big is beautiful too!

Nils, a five year old pit-mastiff mix, came to LHS in bad shape. He had a thick chain collar embedded in his neck and his vision is slightly damaged from injury. Even still Nils is a loving, forgiving boy and bears no ill-will to people at all! In fact he so enjoys the company of his current foster family he finds ways to snuggle up, cuddle up, and generally be a good and affectionate boy as often as possible.

A real people pleaser with nice manners -- no jumping or unruly behavior here! -- Nils is housebroken, gentle, and easily give up his toys and rawhides.

Do you have another dog at home? Nils is choosy about who he spends his time with, so please be sure to check in with LHS Adoption Counselors before you visit our Nils.

This mellow gentleman with an affectionate heart will be the perfect dog for just about anyone. Please reach out to our LHS Adoption Manager at and make an appointment to meet Nils soon!

Lots of love, Nils xoxo
Posted: Jan 21, 2015